Month: August 2022

Which Elements Can Reduce Radon Levels?

Many people pay close attention to their health. Several substances could harm our physical health. In some cases, delined physical health can also affect one’s mental health. One such factor that could be harmful and toxic to our health is radon. Radon has many adverse effects on our health. 

For instance, radon is the leading cause of cancer after smoking. It is best to consider radon testing as it could reduce the harmful radon levels in your home. Apart from radon tests, there are certain elements and steps that you could take to ensure minimal radon levels in your home. 

How do we reduce higher radon levels? 

  1. Ventilation

Ventilation plays a crucial role in the elimination of higher radon levels. Radon is generally found under the surface of houses and can easily seep into the home if ventilation is not ensured. The first step you need to take to reduce …

Ticks in Meridian: Frequently Asked Questions

Ticks are feared by many individuals, although they may not know much about them. Understanding these pests can help you defend yourself from potentially dangerous tick attacks. Continue reading to find out more about ticks and how to protect yourself.

What is a Tick, Exactly?

The family of creatures known as arachnids includes ticks. Like spiders and mites, they have four pairs of legs but no antennae. Even though hundreds of distinct tick species exist in the country, just a small number are hazardous. These are the most prevalent tick species, in order:

  • Tick with a black leg (deer tick): This tick has a length of around 1/8″ and is either orange or brown in appearance. The legs of deer ticks are either dark brown or black. The length of these ticks exceeds their width.
  • American Dog Tick: This species has grey or white patterns on a brown background. They