5 Mesmerising Places To Visit in Thane!

Thane is known to be a metropolitan city that is located close to Mumbai. It comprises various industries along with ample beautiful and divine places which are located in the heart of the city. The other name of Thane city is the ‘city of lakes’ as there are 7 lakes in the city. Not just this, Thane is also known as the ‘elder sister of Mumbai’, why? Because it supplies water to most parts of Mumbai.

The city of Thane is famous for servicing delicious delicacies and at the same time ranked among the first for being the most resourceful city.

Today, in this blog, we are going to discuss various destinations which are worth visiting while in Thane!

Top 5 Destinations to visit in Thane!

1.    Elvis Butterfly Garden

Elvis Butterfly Garden is a famous tourist attraction in Thane as it is the home to 132 butterfly species. It is a must-visit garden for visitors as it is considered a good picnic spot for families.

Those travelling in search of some peaceful environment can visit this garden to fulfil their desire. It is not so far but only 7.6 km away from the city of Thane. Come to this beautiful destination and spend a good time here.

2.    Sargam Waterpark

Are you looking for some weekend getaway away from the usual hustle and bustle of the city? Well, Sargam Water Park and Resort can be your next destination. This waterpark is surrounded among the lush mango farms, it comprises thriller water rides, swimming pools, and whatnot. This waterpark cum resort is a complete picturesque spot and hence is very popular among teenagers.

If you are worried about hygiene and sanitation, be assured that the pool gets filtered twice a day. This park is known for its optimum level of cleaning.

3.    The Upvan Lake

Upvan Lake is an artificial lake in Thane and is eco-friendly. This lake is also known as Thane’s Lover’s Paradise. This lake was once considered to be the major source of water supply in the city.

There’s a famous temple located adjacent to this lake which is dedicated to Lord Ganesha so you can cover two destinations in a single time.

4.    Kelva Beach

This beautiful beach is lined with Suru trees, gleamy golden sands and is ideal for sunbathing. If you are feeling a little lazy and looking for a romantic getaway, this can be an ideal destination to visit. If you are on a romantic trip you can also send flowers to thane hotel for your special someone. There you can also be a part of many other adventurous activities like horse riding, camel rides among others. If you are planning for a stay near the beach, it is possible. Just look around some hotels and resorts and book your stay accordingly.

5.    Ghodbunder Fort

Ghodbunder Fort was constructed back in the 16th century and is among the famous forts in Thane. The meaning of the word ‘Ghod’ means Horse and ‘Bunder’ means Fort. This fort is largely visited by tourists as it is the main attraction of the city of Thane.

The Bottom Line!

So, this was it! If you are planning to visit Thane for fun, consider these places to plan for your next destination visit.