5 Ways to Keep Your Children Safe From Bug Bites

Children spend more time outdoors during the summer, playing games with friends. They play in the evenings, making them prone to bug bites. Bugs are incredibly active during the evening. Children are at significant risk as they get bitten by them, which can cause problems like itching, redness of the skin, and swelling. In some extreme cases, there is a risk of severe swelling and pain.

In addition, some bugs are carriers of harmful diseases and can cause health issues for your child. It is generally advised that parents should try to keep their children safe from bug bites to protect their wellbeing. Read more to see some ways to prevent them.

  • Use bug repellants. 

 Repellents are available in the form of creams, gels, and patches. Applying generous amounts of repellant to your children’s skin is recommended. The focus should be on the most exposed or open body parts, like hands, arms, face, and neck. One can conveniently avoid insect bites and the risk of insect-borne diseases by applying repellents. The user must check the DEET concentrations of repellents and use them according to the required time outside. Higher DEET concentrations of repellents tend to last longer and effectively protect the skin.

  • Encourage them to shower after playing outside.

Parents should try to encourage their children to shower twice in the summer, especially after they come back from their playtime. This will decrease the chances of getting any skin infections due to sweat. It will also help reduce itchiness and skin redness if your child gets bitten by a bug.

  • Choose suitable clothes and shoes.

Make sure your children have dressed accordingly if they go out to play in areas with grass or plantations. To avoid bug bites, it is recommended that you wear full pants and full-leg clothing. This is necessary as it decreases the exposure of skin to bugs. Another critical step is making your child wear shoes and socks that will keep their feet safe from injuries as well as dirt. It ensures that your children do not walk barefoot on the grass and are saved from any potential bug bites.

  • Avoid using scented soaps or perfumes on your children.

Sweet scents can attract specific bugs, so products with such a scent should be avoided.

  • Make sure they play in safe places. 

Parents should ensure that their children play in places that are safe from bugs. Places like heavy woods, or areas with stagnant water or plants, can be risky and have more chances of having bugs. Insects like mosquitoes thrive in places with stagnant water and dense plantations. They can bite your child and spread harmful diseases, and cause infections.