Grey Two-colour Living Room Ideas

Your living room design requires a lot of attention. This is because your guests generally visit the living room first. Therefore, it creates the first impression on the guests’ minds. A great living room interior design will fetch compliments from your guests. Also, the living room is a great space to spend some quality time with family. If you like to host parties, the living room is the ideal place to accommodate all your guests.

One of the elements that require attention in your living room is the colours. Most people are not sure about it and often decide randomly. You must avoid this completely. If you are unsure about the colour you must choose, consider opting for grey. It is a great option for living room interiors. However, many people do not like grey as it is associated with dull moods like ‘feeling grey’ and grey clouds foreshadowing stormy weather. You can easily eliminate this dullness by adding another colour with grey. The grey two-colour combination will certainly make your living room design more appealing and vibrant. Since grey is a versatile colour, there are lots of different colours you can consider for the combination. In case you do not know what colour will look good with grey in your living room, here are a few combinations you can choose:

01 of 04 Yellow and grey colour combination

If you are looking for colours that will complement grey, you should consider yellow. This two-colour combination for the living room will look great. While grey creates a mellow look, yellow brightens it up. Therefore, the living room design appears more balanced when you choose his colour combination. Always avoid painting an entire wall grey or yellow. Instead, opt for a paint wash with both shades in a 1:1 ratio. This will help to add more visual interest to the space. The contradicting shades will make the space more sophisticated and aesthetically appealing. Experts recommend adding pale wood or tan and white accessories to complement the yellow and grey colour combination.

02 of 04 Grey with pastel colours for the living room wall

You can never go wrong with pastel colours when choosing a colour to complement grey. There are many pastel shades you can consider for the space. Depending on the pastel shade you choose, the house design appears candy- or fantasy-like. Grey will make the pastel colour softer and create a more welcoming vibe in the living room. You do not necessarily have to apply the pastel shade to the wall. Paint the entire wall grey and add elements of the pastel shade to complement the wall. For instance, you can choose furnishings in mint and coral to accentuate the grey walls. These colours will not blend in with the background and stay highlighted. Therefore, they will make the space appear more visually appealing. Also, grey and pastel colour combinations create a very soothing and calming experience in the living room interiors. This will make your guests feel calmer and more relaxed in your living room.

03 of 04 Combine grey with blue for your living room

Do you want to give your living room design a subtle appearance? Choosing a blue and grey colour combination is a great idea. This two-colour combination for the living room will allow you to give an understated appearance to the house design without making the space appear boring and dull. You do not necessarily have to pick a contrasting tone while choosing a blue shade for complementing grey. Almost all shades of blue look good with grey. For a refreshing look, you can consider opting for darker shades of blue like navy blue or indigo. However, you do not have to paint the wall. Blue elements like ceiling-to-floor blue curtains or blue bed linens will work as well.

04 of 04 Introduce teal to complement your living room grey walls

Some people look for a bold living room design. If you want bold interiors as well, consider introducing teal to complement your grey walls. You will be amazed to see how great these two colours look together. Your living room interiors will appear stunning and visually appealing. Although you can paint parts of the walls teal to complement the grey tone, adding various elements of teal will work as well. For instance, you can complement the grey walls in your living room by adding furniture featuring teal upholstery, teal decor items, curtains, etc. By making your teal element the focal point of the room, you can make your living room appear more luxurious and stylish as well. Experts recommend sticking to furniture in deep mahogany when you choose this colour combination for the living room interior design.