Renovation Trends in 2021

All around the world, this year, has seen an incredible shift while carrying out day-to-day operations. It was the end of daily commutes, offices were shuttered, and in our homes we tried to do it all, whether it was schooling, working out, therapy, or vacations. That has made us reach out to those in the world of home improvement, landscape design, and decorating, to understand what they think the trends will be in 2021 for renovation projects.

A New Life for Rooms

The leading trend in the past eight or nine months has been family room makeovers, but now, design help requests are more for recreational and entertainment rooms. The Corona 19 pandemic has led us to look for new ways in which we make the maximum use of the space that we are forced to spend our time in. Soundproof windows are an excellent upgrade to your home.

Focus on Work-from-Home Sanctuaries

With an increasing number of workers working remotely in the post Covid world, we are likely to see a similar increase in the demand for renovating live/work spaces, whether it will be by transforming bonus spaces and bedrooms into offices, or by adding purpose built home offices on vacant land.

Multi Generational Households Require Rooms

Christian says that a trend that is now apparent in emerging markets is that purpose-built multi-generational homes are being created, a trend that has been picked up by Lennar, a large tract builder, and which gives two separate homes under the same roof. He further says, that this is due to the shifting dynamic in families, and also because homeowners are able to monetize the extra space that they have for giving out on long term lease, or even short term AirBnB leasing.

Incorporating Green Solutions

As per Christian, a return to green initiatives is likely now that Joe Biden has been confirmed as President by the Electoral College, initiatives that were lacking in the previous government. This can come from existing homes going in for bigger solar power or water harvesting systems, or incentivizing property owners to go in for HVAC upgrades and insulation. This initiative can bring in a lot of work for industries that are into commercial and residential renovation.

Extension of the Indoor into the Outdoors

In 2021, the idea of extending your indoor space to the outdoors, by creating a comfortable outdoor living space will continue its present popularity, and will not be limited to warmer climates. This design will be such that the flow between the indoors and outdoors will be natural, and incorporate features like large folding glass doors or sliding doors that allow the option of letting the outside in and the inside out.

Creation of Bathroom Oases

Many people when they want some quiet time to themselves, escape into bathrooms. Houzz experts think the same, and they say that a bathroom with the right features can help in reducing stress. According to their study conducted in 2020, 41 percent of homeowners, 2 in every 5 who had a bathroom renovated, said they found this new space relaxing and restful.

Bigger Tiles

We are spending more time at home nowadays, and that is why visual upgrades make up a big part of trends in home renovation. A tile in a large format can make a smaller space look visually bigger, and that is why , as per Houzz professionals, they are increasingly being used. An added bonus of this renovation is that are fewer grout lines, and this leads to less of visual clutter and reduces cleaning. Large tiles are being used in various classic patterns, like brisk, stacked, or herringbone.