Which Spanish decorations should you get for your house?

It is never too late to make a change of look in our house, to renew the style or to create an environment that we like. Replace those pillows that are already years old, give them a vintage note with some old age or buy new pictures for our walls. Many women write on opinionesespana.es that they can’t wait to buy new home decorations, but they claim that they need inspiration.

We took a tour of the decoration shops and the beautiful things we like the most in Spain for different reasons: either for the location, for its space, for the design of its furniture and accessories, for the value for money and for the services it offers. Even kenay home impresses with the impressive decorations they have at their disposal.

Tips for decorating the house in Spanish style

If you want to give your house a colorful but at the same time conservative note, this is the Spanish style. The Spanish style uses many elements and combines them perfectly with the contemporary, rural, and Mediterranean. In this installment, we help you decorate in Spanish style.

In Spanish style, we can use wrought iron beds, rustic wood, or traditional wooden beds. It is preferable to have a color that contrasts with the walls or window frames.

Practical elements

Furniture and decorative objects are generally quite simple and practical. This gives rise to the use of relatively contemporary pieces combined with older ones but always made with more or less sober lines.

Warm tones

In the “Spanish style” decor, the presence of warm tones, such as brown, walnut, or red, is noticeable, without giving up the Mediterranean-influenced colors, such as green or blue.

Few accessories

The Spanish-style decorations are not exactly generous in terms of details and ornaments. They usually have few elements, but are quite large, such as flower pots or strange large vases.

Wood and iron, main materials

Wood is the quintessential material of this style. This is especially noticeable in the most important pieces of furniture in the house (sideboards, cabinets, dining tables, etc.), although it is worth noting the presence of iron elements on the legs of auxiliary furniture, as well as on the headboard of the bed, rosettes or lamps, among other possibilities.


Inspired by traditional Andalusian courtyards, the Spanish decorative style supports the presence of plants and flowers to give the house fresh and natural air. They can be integrated both inside and outside the house, always in moderation and with good taste.

Tips for decorating the bathroom and kitchen in Spanish style

The use of adobe is very common in the Spanish provinces, so we can have a bell or a chimney of soles or good quality plaster. Quarry and granite are widely used, so we can have the kitchen covered with these materials to give it a more rustic and Spanish finish.

We can also leave our kitchen in spices or dark colors and put dark or contrasting furniture. A Spanish-style bathtub will be ideal, yellow or sand-colored tiles can help the walls, as well as light or cheerful paint. It is not necessary to fill our bathroom with furniture, a cupboard with sink or chest for salts and towels will be enough.